4Pcs Tactical Protective Knee & Elbow Pad Support

Protection is paramount when you are in a MilSim or CQB, so why risk it? These premium tactical pads provide full protection to both your knees and elbows and are a "must have" addition to any airsoft gear.

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Product Description

These tactical pads have a rubber cap, which allows the user to grip the surface without sliding. 

The model uses a special buckle fastening system which minimizes strap readjustment and is designed for long wear and comfort.

These knee pads are made with Du Pont Cordura nylon for added quality and features a unique system to secure excess straps from flapping.

Fully safety equipment set can relieve your injury, You can easily go to exercise. Explore your extreme talent. 

Impact Resistance: Durable and tough material with breathable liner to against external pressure.

This set of protective gear boasts some pretty amazing multiple adjustable straps to instill that good fit that is called for.

The straps are elastic so they can easily stretch just enough to fit well.

It also has some handy Velcro closures that also play a big role in getting a secure fit no matter what the knee girth.

This makes this gear quite suitable for all adult sizes.