Tactical Airsoft Steel Mesh Mask

What if you could have both face protection as well as the intimidation factor on your side in any MilSim or CQB scenario. This metal mesh mask is the ideal accessory to your airsoft gear, knowing that you are protected, can allow you to move boldly and advance your position to take the enemy troops by surprise. 

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Product Description

  • BETTER AIMING: Soft and Slim Iron face of airsoft masks allows low profile aiming positions. The mesh is breathable lightweight, and durable.It's sturdy and seems well-made.The fabric that edges the mesh is soft and feels sturdy. The back strap is flexible elastic plastic buckles that work well.
  • FULL METAL mesh airsoft masks that provides superior protection. This half face mask is an excellent item that will prevent busted lips & major dental. This lower face guard is easily bent to fit the contour of your face & sits really nicely on the head due to the double-straps.You can also bend and mould the airsoft mask a little to fit your use, it is metal, so you can form it how you like.
  • COMFORT: The material is covered in a soft coating so it doesn't irritate your face. Note that it has a multi-back strap, keeping it on with elastic bands and pressure that's adjustable. The elastic head piece sits on the back top of his head and allows your helmet and goggles to go over the top.
  • ROOM FOR GOGGLES: This airsoft mask is cut to make room for protective glasses, which means that you'll be in good shape for either paint ball or AirSoft battles.
  • LOOK AND DESIGN: The holes on airsoft mask are small enough to keep an air soft pellet or paintball from smacking you in the face, but if using it for paintballs prepare to get wet but not hurt.Absolutely no problems being able to breathe in this and it sits perfectly on your face allowing room for goggles to be worn and not have everything smashed together.The straps are adjustable to fit heads of all sizes and the mask can be gently bent to fit to your face better.