Jet Black Braided Parachord Bracelet

This handcrafted stainless steel/parachord bracelet is a masterpiece on its own and exquisite accessory on any wrist. Stainless steel has grown to be widely popular choice for jewellery and Jet Black Braided Parachord Bracelet™ stylish design does not disappoint. The bracelet can comfortably withstand moisture without corrosion or tarnish, thus lasting for a longer time than most lead or nickel jewelries. A great addition to any tactical gear, this bracelet features a nautical steel shackle surrounded by a parachord. This shackle bracelet can be used as a survival cord in times of emergency. 


Product Description:

  • Stunning, one-of-a-kind shackle bracelet
  • Minimalistic
  • Stainless steel - Paracord
  • adjustable to 23 cm - 9 inch