Electric Heating Anti-Cold Gloves


Stay warm this winter! Grab your heating gloves today while stocks last!

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These electric heating gloves will always keep your hands warm. Suitable for outdoor use, winter sports, and even just having fun in the snow. Waterproof and breathable. Made out of soft flexible material that heats up the whole hand.
It has a built-in 5600 mAh battery and has a thermostat with levels of temperature up to 60°.
Product Features:
  • Heating anti-cold gloves
  • Professional winter gloves for outdoor use
  • Anti-slip
  • Waterproof breathable made of soft flexible material
  • Built-in battery inside the gloves
  • Battery Voltage: 7.4 V Li-ion battery
  • Battery Capacity: 5600 mAh
  • Warm time: 3 level thermostat
  • 8 to 12 hours (depending on the ambient temperature and usage around)
  • Smart temperature control switch. Can adjust 5 models
  • Keep warming time: 6 to 10 hours
  • Heating constant temperature: 30 to 60°
  • Heating Area: Fingers and Palms

Package Include:

1 x Electric Heating Gloves (1 Pair)
2 x 5600 mAh Li-ion Battery
1 x USB Charger