Extreme Ops Tactical Leg Holster

This slick leg holster is the ultimate gear for the airsoft enthusiast. Whether if you are experienced or just starting out, this leg holster offers a quick draw, providing you with that extra competitive advantage on the field. A "must have" addition to any airsoft gear.

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Product Description

Innovative Design for Fully Equipped Pistols & MP Sub-machine Guns

Adjustable Thumb Break Systems to Offer Quick-draw and Re-holster of Pistol

5" X 3" Padded Velcro Panel and Double Velcro Straps to Adjust Fit and Secure Pistol

Two Fully Adjustable Non-slip Leg Straps to Minimize Movement and Provide Maximum Comfort

1.5" Wide Velcro Strap to Fold up at Bottom to Adjust Holster Length

Holster with Adjustable Velcro Custom Fit for UZI, MP5 Pistol or Medium to Large Fully Equipped Pistols with Laser/Flashlight Accessories

Extra Spare Mag Pouch