Green Laser Scope With Mount 11mm - 20mm

This Laser sight can be adjustable for windage and elevation, provide clear pointing dot even in day light and clear laser beam in the dark or low light.

It can be used with rat tail switch (not include). The "8" type rail mount suitable for 25-30 mm pipe.

Operated by LC 16340 battery (not include).


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Product Specification:

Material: Aluminum

Power: 5MW

Waterproof level: IPX3

Wavelength: 532nm

Green Wavelength: 630-680nm

Effective distance: 800m

Product color: Black

Laser color: Green

Dimension: 12x3x2.5cm(L*D*D)



When adjust the knob, must not substantial adjust knob more than one circle at one time, even if the other knob need not adjust, it have to be rotated and then rotated back after a half turn, again to continue rotating need adjustment button.


Package Include:

1 x Green Dot Laser Sight

1 x Tail Switch

1 x Allen Wrench

1 x Universal rail mount  "8" type 

1 x 21mm Rail Mount