Outdoor Tactical Helmet with Sunshades

This SpecOps Military Style Helmet makes a great tactical addition to any airsoft player's loadout. This helmet has a foam padded interior and fits very comfortably and can be fitted with chin straps that are fully adjustable. This model also included a tension dial on the back of the helmet that keeps the helmet in place even on the run. In addition there is a inbuilt pair of goggles, however we strongly recommend you use extra protective eyewear if playing airsoft or paintball. The mounting bracket on the front is slotted for a NVG mount and the helmet also has side rails for mounting accessories. The included velcro can be installed above the rails and on top of the helmet for the attachment of patches or other accessories. Whether you're looking for extra protection or just want that tactical look, this high quality helmet is a great choice. 

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Product Features:

  • Durable ABS plastic
  • Adjustable straps
  • Tension Dial for customized fitting
  • Foam lined interior
  • Slot for NVG Mount
  • Side Rails
  • Velcro panels for helmet exterior